Join us as we learn and grow together by diving into Volunteer Enrichment courses.  These courses are FREE and open to all current volunteers and all those interested in volunteering.

6:8 is part of the True Charity Network; a national coalition of churches and nonprofits that serve people in poverty. We feel the weight of poverty around us and all have ideas about how we want to help. But not all of our ideas of helping actually alleviate poverty nor get to the root or ultimate goal of charity, which is for all individuals to flourish.

Let's continue to encourage each other to process and apply what we learn to our service!

To ensure our charity is truly HELPING, we make sure it is : Authentic, Accurate, & Actualized.

Join us as we learn and grow together.  Come watch a few short videos, discuss how to be charitable in a way that is Authentic, and encourage each other to apply what we learn to our lives of service.

Wednesday, July 10th
6:00 - 8:00pm

at 6:8 - 821 Industry Rd, Sauk City

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Substantial snacks will be provided!

When  justice is our destination, we must be fueled by compassion and use the vehicle of charity to get to our intended destination.  

Easier said than done!  But this is the work we are called to.  

Check out the free resources at True Charity University to learn more! 

Also check out our 6:8 Oath For Service series here!

6:8 is a proud member of the True Charity Network.

True Charity exists to champion a national movement of voluntarily funded, effective charity at the most local level.  We invite you to learn more and grow more with us in our understanding to love our community well.