What is the Silver Cord Service Program?

Seniors who have completed 160 hours of volunteer service during their high school career will be awarded the SILVER CORD to wear and be recognized at graduation for their service to the community (similar to the gold honor cord).

Why the Silver Cord Service Program?

To encourage, recognize, and reward volunteerism and community service, the Silver Cord Program will encourage students to make contributions to their community through service. Students will not only benefit the community, but will develop their own leadership and citizenship skills. This is a self directed program. The student is responsible for turning in all of their hours.

Who is 6:8?

6:8 is a non-profit organization based in Sauk Prairie started by John and Sarah Ramthun and their Board of Directors. It is not linked to any Church or specific group, rather will work within and through the Sauk Prairie Community. 6:8 is “transforming communities by making service personal.” We are interested in involving the High Schoolers in giving of the numerous blessings they have, including their time and talents. In return we hope the high schoolers are blessed by their experience of serving those around them.

How do students achieve the Silver Cord?

  • Students hand in the registration form and one-time $25 fee at any point during their first 3 years of high school. Registration forms are available in the High School main office or on the 6:8 website: www.MakingServicePersonal.org

  • Students should accumulate the total 160 hours throughout their four years of high school.

  • To receive credit, students fill out a Verification of Service Form for their service. Verification forms can be found in the High School main office or at www.MakingServicePersonal.org and must be completed for each activity for which a student volunteers. These forms should be turned in at the office or mailed to 6:8 so that they can be added to the student’s service file.

  • Forms may be turned in throughout the school year, but no later than the third Friday in May to be counted for senior year’s final hour count.

  • The hours counted toward the Silver Cord must meet the volunteer requirements (see below)

  • It is required that students complete at least 80 accumulated hours prior to the start of their senior year. Credit will not be given for more than 80 hours in any single year.

  • Students may begin accumulating hours following the completion of the 8th grade school year.

  • Questions should be addressed to advisers Bill Been at the High School or John and Sarah Ramthun (of 6:8) at (608) 561-8468; 68@makingservicepersonal.org.

Silver Cord Service Program

Requirements & Ideas for Service

Volunteer activities must meet the following requirements:

  • You may not receive money or other compensation for the task.

  • You must perform a service for someone other than immediate family members.

  • Chores at home or on the farm and babysitting younger siblings don’t count.

  • May not be court ordered.

  • May not be minor acts of kindness (holding a door open, etc.).

  • May not include working for a PROFIT organization for free.

  • May not include working for a political party or campaign.

  • May not include service ordered for good conduct violations.

The following are ideas that would be acceptable to fulfill service hours:

  • Volunteering for community service organizations

  • Reading to the elderly

  • Helping at St. Vincent de Paul

  • Assisting elderly community members with household chores

  • Volunteering for church projects.

  • Helping to improve school or village grounds, parks etc.

  • Shoveling sidewalks/raking for those who cannot do it themselves

  • Cleaning roadside ditches or other public areas around the community

  • Assisting with Special Olympics

  • Assisting at a hospital, shelter, day care, or nursing home.

  • Volunteering for school sponsored activities (track meets, music events, etc.)

  • Blood drives.

  • Volunteering to help coach younger children in sports

  • Volunteer camp counselor

  • Mission Trips

  • Volunteer tutor for young children

  • Other service activities as approved by the Silver Cord Committee

You may propose your own ideas for service. If you do not see your idea on the above list, we recommend you get your service idea approved ahead of time so you can be sure it will count. You can talk to or call 608-561-8468 or email 68@makingservicepersonal.org and explain what you would like to do to receive approval.

All service hours submitted must be approved by the Silver Cord Advisors.

Forms & Documents

Silver Cord Overview

Silver Cord Registration Form

Service Verification Form

Log of Volunteer Hours

Scholarship Application

Important Dates

Volunteer Opportunities

HS Mission Trip = 35hrs

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The Pines Senior Living

There are many opportunities & flexibility for volunteering


Maplewood Sauk Prairie

There are many and various opportunities for volunteering


6:8 Garden

Mon & Wed 8am-10am

April-Oct (Sign-up to help)

Community Meals

2nd & 4th Wed of the month

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6:8 Admin Work

If you enjoy administration type work and would like to set up some times to help out around the 6:8 office:

call 608-561-8468 or email 68@makingservicepersonal.org

6:8 Calendar of Events

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