Men's Community

6:8's Men's Community Gatherings are temporally discontinued. Please stay tuned as we hope to bring back our Men's Community gatherings soon.

What's Your Purpose?

For many of us men we are so often caught in the grind of daily living that we don‘t take the time to give to the most important things of life: Our Relationships. We can be so focused on DOING and forget to ask WHY? Am I living with PURPOSE? Am I Passionately living or am I just getting by?

6:8‘s Men‘s Community is a monthly gathering of Men from your community who are looking to not simply Survive this life but to Thrive.

We are Helping Men Grow Together

1st Sunday of the Month at 6:8

821 Industry Rd Sauk City

What to Expect:

3:45PM - Doors Open - Snacks & Fellowship

4:30PM - Dinner

5:30PM - Program & Guest Speaker

Past Programs

March 3, 2019 - Dentistry & Your Health - Todd Stanke DDS

Dentistry is not just about your teeth anymore! It is so important to look at your oral health in a holistic manor and see how it is connected and affects your whole body.

April 7, 2019 - Building Resiliency in Your Life - Justin Bangert MS LMFT

We humans are meant to do more than just survive the life we have, rather we are capable of overcoming obstacles and truly thrive as a result of stressful situations. Join the discussion on practical yet proven strategies to build resilience and grow from the hardships and challenges that life offers.

Justin Bangert is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has served the Sauk and Madison community for over 10 years. He is married and a father of three.

May 5, 2019 - Addiction - John McAuliffe, MD

Our understanding affects how we view the problem of addiction. Learn about the current understanding and practical approach to treatment which can transform our community, our families, & our life.

June 2, 2019 - The Ins & Outs of Family Care - Bill Bishop - Social Services

Navigating the complex system of family care can be overwhelming, but it doesn‘t have to be. The more you know of how it works the easier it will be to make the best use of it.

July 7, 2019 - Chiropractic Care & Posture for Men - Jonnathan Cody DC

When we are young we take it for granted and when we are older we wish we hadn‘t. But, it‘s never too late to make our Posture a Priority. Join us as we learn some alignment and posture specifically for men that can make a huge impact on our health and pain managment.

August 4 - Men‘s Health Issues - Nathan Grunewald MD

Let‘s face it men, we generaly take better care of our cars then our bodies. We know all to well that if we ignore that rattle it will only get worse. We will discuss which rattles and shakes we should not ignore when it comes to Men‘s Health Issues and the value regular maintance has on keeping our body running well.

October 6, 2019 - Sports Medicine - Mark Timmerman, MD

Whether you are a triathlete, weekend warrior or aging gracefully, we are all prone to athletic type injuries. Come and enjoy a lively presentation on injury prevention, tips for treatment of common acute injuries and warning signs of serious injury. Dr. Timmerman currently practices in Spring Green and serves as physician for several sports teams in the region.

November 3, 2019 - Athletic Administration - Mike Cerniglia, MS

As a former UW Madison hockey player who moved into athletic administration post graduation, Mike served UW as Director of Operations for Men’s Hockey program, administrative assistant to the Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez for several years and the last 5 years as Executive Director of the National W Club. Mike will be speaking on the challenges facing Division I athletes and the transition back to society following a professional career should they be fortunate enough to make it to the next level.

December 1, 2019 - Physical Therapy - Tom Wojta, PT

Physical therapy plays an important role in recovery from acute and chronic conditions. Whether it be sprains and strains, or recovery from a joint replacement physical therapists help people improve their movement and manage their pain. Tom will be sharing the latest techniques in rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of chronic conditions, illnesses and injuries. Tom currently practices at Sauk Prairie Hospital and Clinics.

April 5, 2020 - A Clean Sheet of Ice - Bill Butters

Bill Butters is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker. Always entertaining and engaging, Bill shares his journey in life as a son, husband, father, grandfather, mentor and Chaplain. Bill was a college hockey player and coach. He played professional hockey for 10 years before going through a remarkable transformation that changed his life. Come and hear his story. Bill and his wife Debbie make their home in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

May 3, 2020 - What leads a man down a path of darkness? - Armin Asaddi

Armin is the survivor of the Silent genocide of the Baha‘i community. Fled the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1987. He is currenly the VP of Engage Your Destiny. Armin will inspire us in How does a man breaktrough to light and find destiny? Shame and Volnerability is a big part of the answer. What does that look like?

June 7, 2020 - Liberty & Leadership - Kevin Hermening

Kevin was held hostage for 444 days by Islamic terrorists at the US Embassy in Iran 1979 to 1981. He will provide a personal glimpse into a difficult time in our history. Challenging all to remember the scarificies of those who have gone before us.

August 2, 2020 - Navigating Your Journey in Life - Justin Bangert, MS, LMFT

Humans are meant to do more than just survive the life. We are meant to thrive. All of us are capable of overcoming challenges and obstacles that result from stressful situations. Come and join the discussion on proven, practical strategies to manage hardship, low mood and anxiety. Justin Bangert is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has served the Sauk and Madison community for over 10 years.

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one Man Sharpens Another.

Proverbs 27:17