Summer Internship Overview

For just as a body without a Spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.

-   James 2:26

Are you ready to make your faith come alive?  Are you ready to put your faith into works?

6:8 is seeking to foster a community of shared work, prayer, and play to create a society where it is easier to do good.

6:8 is offering a 13 week paid internship for anyone, single or married, who is interested in living in a Community modeled after the Catholic Worker Movement** and serving Christ in and through Sauk Prairie, WI.

You will serve on a dynamic team with 3-5 other interns alongside the 6:8 Staff, working to bring to life the vision of 6:8: People fully alive; passionately embracing and sharing their blessings.

Your summer will begin with a training week in Sauk Prairie to get settled in.  We will then travel on down to Mississippi for 3 weeks including a week of preparations, a week of leading more than 50 high schoolers on their high school mission trip building a house, and a week helping to lead a Family Mission Trip.  Then we will travel back to WI and spend 9 weeks in Sauk Prairie, WI where we will bring the energy home and work to transform the community by making service personal.