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Wrapped in Loving Arms

posted Oct 24, 2017, 7:38 AM by John Ramthun   [ updated Oct 24, 2017, 7:42 AM ]

   This picturere was taken on our visit to Real Hope for Haiti. Barb is cradling an extremely malnourished baby. I remember our discussions with the medical staff that were caring for her and other precious little sad and swollen children. They relayed the grave health those children there were in. I remember her there in Barb’s arms as if I were standing over her now. Then, fast-forward one year, and this week, I read this post on Facebook from Love A Child, a ministry we also visited in Haiti.

This is Blandine…
Blandine was once extremely malnourished and ready to die, but her life has been saved! Bobby and Sherry from Love a Child said "We are so thankful for the joy of 'sharing our food' with many, many other organizations. There are usually about 83 organizations, (most of them have orphanages) and they come for food each month. Some receive a pallet of food and others more. It takes two '40-foot containers of food' to share with all these organizations each month and it is quite a job, but the rewards are great…like this little darling. She was cared for by Real Hope for Haiti, who receives food from us each month.”
Barb and I were blessed with helping to load that food into the trucks of many of those organizations during our visit. I wonder if Blandine was one of those little babies we held at Real Hope for Haiti? Was she possibly the same child in Barb’s arms?
- Jackie Bascom