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Feeding Volunteer's Spirits

posted Mar 8, 2017, 8:32 AM by John Ramthun   [ updated Mar 8, 2017, 8:36 AM ]
Sauk Prairie Against Hunger’s tagline is “Feeding People Locally and Globally.”  The intent of that tagline is to represent the fact that our global impact is through our partnership with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) in our packing event held each year.  That food is then distributed to 70+ countries around the world.  The local impact is based upon multiple programs where we both collect and distribute food in partnership with the Sauk Prairie Food Pantry and Sauk Prairie School District to families in our own community.  However, over the years of holding the FMSC event, we have experienced countless times that this “global” project is, in fact, having a huge local impact on the hearts of the people here in our own community, and all those that come to participate. 
During a recent visit to our local bank, one of the bank associates pulled me aside eager to tell me about her son’s participation at our recent packing event last October, 2016.  Andrea Porubsky emotionally shared her experience with me emphasizing how much her then 9-year-old son, Nicholas, did not want to spend his free evening going to the packing event.    
“It was our night to hang out.   We were going to go pack food for kids.  He was like, “Really?  That is our fun time!  I thought we were gonna go to Culvers or a movie.”  I said, “Nope, better yet!   Packing food for kids --kids that don't get to go to movies or Culvers.”  He said, “Fine.”  We went, and he had a blast!  We tasted the sample on the way out, and he asked me if he could go back for more!  We were driving home and he said it was awesome and wants to do it again.  He felt sad about the movie that played first, but he said it was awesome filling the bags and then packaging them up. He did ask if he could be one of the red hat helpers and move the big boxes around. It was just such an Amazing night that he and I shared, and he's still talking about it, so I know it meant a lot for him to help.” 
Then, Andrea opened up her day planner to inside the co
ver and showed me the dog-eared and clearly precious picture she had taken of her son at the packing event.  That picture says it all, and speaks to the legacy we can leave by involving our kids in something fun and meaningful, while making a global impact at the same time. 
We love hearing these stories! 
And, it is no coincidence that part of Feed My Starving Children’s commitment to excellence states, “We will package our food through the use of volunteers to feed their spirit.”  That is exactly what is happening in Sauk Prairie.  We truly have witnessed the feeding and energizing the spirits of our local volunteers and all who participate in our annual food packing event. 
Do you have an experience to share?  We would love to hear it.  Email your SPAH story to 68spah@gmail.com .
--Jackie Bascom