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Earth Day Event

The Sauk County Extension office is looking for someone to run a couple of natural play activities on Sunday, April 17th from 1-3 pm in Baraboo in Celebration of Earth Day. There will be two other high school students to help.
Here are a couple of the activities we will provide:
Temporary Nature Art - this one can be messy, but fun! Give the kids a board or a piece of cardstock to work on. They can use a variety of natural objects to create art. When we have done this, we collected pine needles, acorns, stones, bark, twigs, maple seeds, sand, and pinecones and had these in buckets for the kids to use. They used the objects to create art and when they were done, they put everything back. We did this one at State Fair and it was a big hit!
Old Fashion Games - Red Rover; Duck, Duck, Goose; London Bridge
Natural Building - using wooden blocks and "tree cookies" the kids can build forts, castles, or whatever! If you have plastic animals, that will add another dimension to the play.
I have attached a poster to give more details on the entire event.
Thanks again!

Jed Eichhorn
Sauk Prairie Recreation Director
730 Monroe Street
Sauk City, WI 53583