What are we about?

Our Vision

People fully alive –

Passionately Embracing & Sharing their Blessings

Our Mission

 Transforming communities by making service personal through Intentional Community.


6:8 Service is supported by FOUR pillars of: Experience, Education, Exhortation, and Embodiment.


Who is our Community?

Each of us is involved in a network of communities.  Some communities include: those in our families, the people of Sauk Prairie, our neighbors, those involved in our schools or workplaces, our Churches, etc.  How can we help transform yours?



We provide opportunities for direct service and relationship building.  To truly understand serving one another, we need to not only talk and learn about it, but actually get out of our house and do it!  We want to personalize our generosity. 



We teach through word and deed about issues of poverty and how we can help.  We weave education and formation into each service experience (before, after, and/or during)



We help people become aware of their blessings so they can share them with others. 

To exhort the blessed to be a blessing by doing justice, loving mercy, walking humbly with our God, and simply living.

If we have not been made aware of how we have been blessed we cannot share those blessings.



We “live simply so others may simply live” in every aspect of our lives.

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