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Our Board Members & Staff

John & Sarah Ramthun - Executive Directors

John grew up on a farm just outside of West Bend, WI, with his parents and 5 siblings.  The family of 8 has now grown to 22 including in-laws and nephews with 3 siblings still working on the farm where we enjoy helping as often as we can!  Sarah grew up in her family of 5 on the south side of Milwaukee and went to school K-12 downtown (MPS) where she was considered a minority at her schools.  The family, now of 9, loves to spend time together, especially at the family cottage in Door County.  We are SO blessed to have such amazing families!  From an early age our families were involved in our local Churches and faith has been an important part of our lives.  We went to college at UW Madison, John majoring in Bio-Chemistry and Sarah as pre-med.  St. Paul’s was a significant part of our undergrad experience.  As God worked in our lives we switched our majors to Religious Studies, became friends, and graduated in 2004.  2004 also included beginning as the Directors of Religious Education and Youth Ministry at St. Aloysius in Sauk City, getting married, and moving to Sauk Prairie.  St. Al’s brought us many wonderful memories, including leading our first Mission Trips, and numerous friendships over 6 years. In 2010, God called us to a new apostolate to serve our community.  6:8 aims to transform communities by making service personal through service experiences enhanced by education and exhortation hoping to embody Christ in the way we live.  Our plan is to give all we have to the people we are serving with and for, so that first our community, can be transformed! We would love to have you join us!

Shirley Kelter -
Chaplain & Program Director of Honoring Our Elders 

What an exciting opportunity this is for me to be part of the compelling mission of 6:8 and share my experience and passion with this special Sauk Prairie community. Born and raised in Chicago, I have lived in Sauk Prairie since 2001, and also spent a number of years in Winona, MN. Ive worked in ministry for over 30 years as a youth minister, high school teacher, adult educator, writer, editor, and chaplain. Besides working half-time with 6:8, I am also an on-call chaplain at UW Hospital and a chaplain at Coventry Village Retirement Community in Madison. Prior to this, I served as a chaplain at Agrace HospiceCare in Dane and Sauk counties; it truly has been a blessing and privilege to companion people at the end of their lives.
   After working with teens for many years, Ive found ministering to the elderly equally as satisfying and full of surprises and laughter! I dearly appreciate listening to the stories of all the ups and downs, twists and turns that are part of ones life history; supporting and encouraging elders who are suffering from loss and other age-related challenges; offering a caring presence to those with advanced dementia; and supporting family members who struggle with the aging process of loved ones. How blessed I am by the wisdom, courage, and joy I have witnessed and received in this vital ministry.
     My journey in ministry has been rich and varied — I am also fortunate to work as a spiritual director, retreat facilitator, speaker, and writer. For fun and relaxation, I love reading, cooking, dabbling in art, writing, and spending precious time with friends and my large, delightful family. I share my home with my sweet, elderly dog, Angel, and Barry-the-canary, who sings me enchanting melodies! 

2014 Summer Interns  

Benjamin Hokamp

My Name is Benjamin John Hokamp "Glacier". I am 24 years old and currently attend college in the pursuit of a Mechanical Engineering Major. I first applied for this internship because I was told I was going to learn a lot about leadership. Leadership has been an attribute that I have found quite an interest in the past two years. I graduated High School in 2008 from Assumption High School in Wisconsin Rapids where I lived my whole life. I have two brothers that are also in college and a sister that is a senior in high school. The thing I am most looking forward to this summer is being able to create and build.  I also love to read and be inspired by quotes. A couple weeks back I read a good one from Howard Thurman. It goes like this, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” I like to work with my hands a lot and I feel that when I am able to do that to create or build, that is when I am most alive. So 6:8 I guess this summer I am most looking forward to coming alive because that is what the world needs me to do.