What do we do?

"What we do is not nearly as important as who we are - 
and how much we give is not nearly as important 
as how much love is in the giving."
- Shane Claiborne

6:8 is striving to Transform Communities by Making Service Personal.  We offer many opportunities, especially in Sauk Prairie, WI to serve.  Here are some of our Programs:

 Circles Sauk Prairie - Working to End Poverty by Inspiring and Equipping Families and our Community to Resolve Poverty and Thrive. We believe no one should live in poverty and if given the right tools and support, economic stability can be achieved. 6:8's Circles Sauk Prairie will reduce the Poverty Rate in the Sauk Prairie School District by 10% in 10 years by EMPOWERING Circle Leaders (individuals and families living in poverty) using 20 years of research and proven methods to teach skills and surround Leaders with support and social capital so THEY lead themselves permanently out of poverty. This initiative involves Leaders, Volunteer, and the community working together to END POVERTY through a weekly gathering of accountability and support. Learn more →

Sauk Prairie Against Hunger (SPAH)- Feeding People Locally and Globally.  We work with the Sauk Prairie Food Pantry and the Sauk Prairie School District Locally and Feed My Starving Children for meals to aid Globally.  We are motivated by our love of Christ and His Children and His command to feed Him through the hungry.  Please see our SPAH Overview for details and Programs SPAH coordinates. Please click here for details and Programs SPAH coordinates.


Learning for Life (L4L) - Connecting adults in Sauk Prairie with learning opportunities coupled with people and resources is the goal of Learning for Life.  Classes are offered in areas of Health & Wellness, Employment, Finances, and Family Life and are open to all adults.  L4L offers benefits including scholarships, childcare, transportation, vouchers for food, etc. to those who are paired with a Connector.  Connectors are trained to help learners set goals, stay accountable, and connect them with resources available including the classes offered.  Classes are offered through L4L and/or others in the Community. Learn more →

6:8 Garden -  The Sauk Prairie Against Hunger's Community Garden is located on the new 6:8 property! (821 Industry Rd; Sauk City, WI 53583) The 6:8 Garden finds it's philosophy and purpose in the classic story of the Little Red Hen. Anyone helping to plant, water, weed, harvest, or care for the garden is able to receive a share of the harvest! Learn more →

Community Meal -  Free - Open to everyone - Community Meal served every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 5-7pm. Food has the power to bring people together. Our guests are invited to dine with us privately at their own table or at a community table. Sharing a meal builds healthy communities, and healthy communities make a better world. Learn more →

High School Mission Trip - 6:8 takes 40 High Schoolers to Mississippi each summer to serve with MadCAAP, a local organization in Madison County Mississippi.  Pre-trip Meetings, evening activities in Mississippi, and post-trip follow-up connect the students to local service opportunities in Sauk Prairie. Learn more →


6:8's Men's Community - is a monthly gathering of Men from your community who are looking to not simply Survive this life but to Thrive. We meet every 1st Sunday of the month. Starting with 3pm - Snacks & Fellowship, 5pm Free Dinner, & 6PM Programming & Guest Speaker on Relevant Topic. All Men are welcome to join and fee free to bring a friend along with you. 

Silver Cord -  Students at Sauk Prairie High School can register and submit their volunteer hours.  Students who submit 160 or more hours throughout High School receive a Silver Cord to wear at Graduation.  6:8 gives out one $500 Scholarship each year to a Silver Cord recipient. Learn more →

Called & Gifted - God has gifted each of us and called us to share these gifts with those around us.  6:8 presents a one-day workshop and offers follow-up for those interested in discerning their charisms, or Spiritual Gifts.  Not a personality inventory, this program, developed by the Catherine of Sienna Institute, discerns how God works in and through a person to make Himself known in the world.  If we are working in our charisms, we will be effective AND not be burned out because it is the Spirit working through our gifts.  6:8 encourages volunteers to participate in this program whenever possible as it helps us make service more personal. Learn more →

Honoring our Elders -  6:8 sees value in Honoring all members of our community.  Honoring our Elders—a spiritual support and companioning ministry celebrates the wisdom, service, and stories of elders while providing support to those who might be lonely, dealing with any variety of loss, coming to the end of their life’s journey, struggling with life’s challenges and questions, or simply would benefit from a dose of spirit-lifting!  Learn more →

Men’s & Women’s Discipleship Groups-  F.A.T. (Faithful, Available & Teachable) Men and Women meet weekly to read Scripture, pray, talk, and hang out together as they grow in their role as Disciples and relationship with God.