Middle School Mission Trip

6:8 is teaming up with Love Begins Here & the Madison Dioceses to offer an amazing Middle School Mission Trip Experience

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And so here I am talking with you - I want you to find the poor here, right in your own home first.  
And begin love there.  Be that good news to your own people.  And find out about your next-door neighbor - do you know who they are?

Mother Teresa, 1979
Noble Peace Prize Acceptance Speech



July1-4, 2012


How much will Love Begins Here cost?

Middle School: $110

Adult Leader: $FREE


Countdown to Trip

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Tell me more about Love begins here...

Inspired by these words of Mother Teresa, we are seeing in what ways love can begin HERE in the Madison Diocese this summer.  We are gearing up for the THIRD summer of this Mission Trip Experience in the Diocese.  You are most likely familiar with the idea of a mission trip, and in your work with the youth of the Church, you probably know that this is an increasingly popular experience for Middle School and High School youth to have during the summers.

While some parishes choose to go through a variety of Mission Trip Programs, such as Catholic Heart Workcamp, Youthworks, and many others, Love Begins Here works to combine the best of both of that "long distance Mission Trip world" and heeding to Mother Teresa's call to start LOVE here.  Without having to travel across the country, we are going to see what work needs to be done in our own backyards.  Our aim is to complete simple home repairs and other mission work within one area at a time, while the youth have the experience of living in a small community and being lead through the week by an excited team of young adults who facilitate high energy and authentic Catholic evening programs for the entire group.  Faithful to the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church, this program will work to develop young leaders into the saints they are called to be.

 ... and answer some questions you may have on your mind.

What can I do to support the work of Love Begins Here?

First, we would like to ask for your support in terms of prayer.  We have been thankful for the movement of the Holy Spirit throughout this process so far, and we would ask that only under His inspiration it continue.

Second, prayerfully consider coming with 6:8 & your youth to Love Begins Here or recommend it to other friends working in ministry who do not have summer mission trip plans yet. 

Third, if you know any generous donors or businesses that would like to support the work of 6:8 & Love Begins Here, please pass on their contact information.  We would be glad to work together for the glory of God.



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