·         Paid Position

·         Support Raising Required

·         Employment Dates: 1 Calendar Year


Job Position

As the Restoration Project Intern you will have the opportunity to work closely with the 6:8 Executive Directors to coordinate Restoration Projects in Sauk Prairie.  You are responsible for leading in such a way that transforms communities with and for Jesus Christ by making service personal and helping individuals discover and share their gifts.  In addition to the on-site leadership of the Projects, you will be responsible for planning, creating classes, promoting, and selling products.  You will have the opportunity to build and develop relationships with community members in Sauk Prairie and beyond. The Restoration Project Intern’s ultimate responsibility is to ensure the Restoration Projects run smoothly and that the volunteers and recipients have the best experience possible.  There is much space for creativity and growing this position.  The Restoration Project Intern should live in a simple manner, by their works and words that exemplify 6:8’s four pillars of service: experience, education, exhortation, and embodiment.


Job Responsibilities:

·         “Rescue” materials (old barns, wood, metal, etc) that others are no longer using or want to donate

·         Create woodworking and other creations out of materials to sell as fundraisers for project

·         Create a program that makes services (trades or carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, etc.) available to Community

    • Use a sliding payment scale so those who can afford services pay full price for labor and materials, down to paying for materials only or to zero payment where justified

·         Perform services where certified/capable

·         Coordinate with professionals who will donate/discount their services

·         Be familiar with codes, requirements, etc for villages etc

·         Teach/coordinate classes on home maintenance and/or other skills as requested or available

·         Have displays ready for Fire on the River Event

·         Maintain budget with integrity and submit monthly expense reportss

·         Other responsibilities as they arise relating to planning, leading, and following up from the restoration projects


Position Requirements

·         Previous Leadership Experience

·         Previous Construction/Woodworking/other trade Experience

·         General knowledge of construction/home maintenance and tools


Benefits and Details

·         Salary: $750/month

·         Required Support Raised = $4,500 to cover Program Expenses


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