·         Paid Position

·         Support Raising Required

·         Employment Dates: January 1 – December 31


Job Position

As the Community Garden Intern you will have the opportunity to work closely with the 6:8 Executive Directors to coordinate a Community Garden in Sauk Prairie.  You are responsible for leading in such a way that transforms communities with and for Jesus Christ by making service personal and helping individuals discover and share their gifts.  In addition to the on-site leadership of the Garden, you will be responsible for planning, creating classes, promoting, and distributing the harvest.  You will have the opportunity to build and develop relationships with community members in Sauk Prairie and beyond. The Community Garden Intern’s ultimate responsibility is to ensure the Garden runs smoothly and that the volunteers and participants have the best experience possible.  The Community Garden Intern should live in a simple manner, by their works and words that exemplify 6:8’s four pillars of service: experience, education, exhortation, and embodiment.


Job Responsibilities


Before Planting:

·         Create handouts and other materials for promotion, etc.

·         Communicate with St. John’s (the host church) on plans etc., local food pantries, & local farmers

·         Recruit new churches, organizations, and volunteers to participate in Garden

·         Lead the fundraising efforts for the Garden - GOAL: Get plants and materials donated/covered.

·         Maintain records of donors, fundraising, planting and harvesting, etc.

·         Plan and coordinate garden and classes around planting, maintaining a garden, harvesting, preserving, etc.

·         Recruit and Train Volunteers

    • Regular to oversee work times
    • Teachers to teach classes
    • Random – come to help for a few times

·         Maintain budget with integrity and submit monthly expense reports

·         Maintain good relationships with community members

Maintaining the Garden:

·         Planting, weeding, harvesting, mowing lawn between beds, watering, and other tasks along with maintaining the garden.

·         Participate alongside volunteers

·         Be present at classes etc and follow-up with participants

After the Harvest:

·         Prepare the Garden for Winter

·         Thank volunteers

·         Evaluate and begin plans/make notes for the next season.


·         Other responsibilities as they arise relating to planning, leading, and following up from the Community Garden


Position Requirements

·         Previous Leadership Experience

·         Previous Gardening Experience


Benefits and Details

·         Salary: $750/month (Jan-Dec)

·         Required Support Raised = $4,500 to cover Program Expenses

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