We are grateful for so many who have supported 6:8's efforts to serve our community during this pandemic with their time and money. Join us as 6:8 seeks to respond to the immediate Covid-19 Crisis Relief efforts and continue our ongoing Community Development and Poverty Reduction programs.

You can also reach 6:8 by phone or text. 608) 561-8468 or email 68@makingservicepersonal.org


If you have been affected financially from the Covid Pandemic and are in need of financial aid for rent, housing, utilities, medical, transportation or other costs please click the image below for more information and fill out the form to apply for assistance.  
C-FAR 20/20

If you would like to make a financial donation to help cover the costs of any requested needs please Click Here and fill out form and enter dollar amount in the "Coronavirus Relief Efforts" Field. You can also mail a check to: 6:8 COVID-19, 821 Industry Rd, Sauk City, WI 53583