Working to End Poverty
Inspiring and Equipping Families and our Community to Resolve Poverty and Thrive. 
We believe no one should live in poverty and if given the right tools and support, economic stability can be achieved.

6:8's Circles Sauk Prairie will reduce the Poverty Rate in the Sauk Prairie School District by 10% in 10 years by EMPOWERING Circle Leaders (individuals and families living in poverty) using 20 years of research and proven methods to teach skills and surround Leaders with support and social capital so THEY lead themselves permanently out of poverty. This initiative involves Leaders, Volunteer, and the community working together to END POVERTY through a weekly gathering of accountability and support.

In October 2018 6:8, Inc decided to begin a Circles chapter as an organizing force, accountability, and resource to help more people lift themselves out of poverty. 

Circles equips and inspires families by matching one highly motivated low-income person or family (called a Circle Leader – one who is leading her/his own life out of poverty) with two middle- to upper-middle class community volunteers (called Allies – persons who commit to friendship, companionship, and support on the journey out of poverty). Circle Leaders are trained, supported, and held accountable to build financial, emotional, and social resources, and to expand their social capital. During an initial 12 weeks of foundational training, each Circle Leader creates a personal Economic Stability Plan that defines SMART goals unique to their own needs and dreams. The Plan maps the way forward through the 18-month commitment to weekly Circles meetings for learning, support, and accountability. Circle Allies are trained, supported, and held accountable to learn the hidden rules of class, to assist the Circle Leader in expanding their social capital, and how to help without hurting, rescuing, or enabling. 

Circles equips and inspires communities by creating opportunities for regular, facilitated, ongoing engagement between community leaders and influencers, and Circles participants. During one of the four meetings each month, the Circles Class invites a community stakeholder or influencer to join them for discussion of a local or national systemic barrier to upward socioeconomic movement. Plans are created to work together toward resolution. Over time, these gatherings and the mutual work undertaken by persons of diverse socioeconomic status will begin to shift the mindset of the Sauk Prairie community to want to resolve poverty, with the understanding and commitment that persons experiencing poverty must be at the poverty-resolution table.

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We are gearing up to start our second class of Circles with new Leaders and Allys!! 
You can find the application for Circle Leaders here and the application for Allys here

Circles Class #1

Circle Leaders: A family or individual with low income.

Circle Volunteers:


Big View --> How Circles is working on the systemic barriers making it difficult for people to work themselves out of poverty

Cliff Effect
Circles USA has chapters in more than 20 states that bring community volunteers into partnership with families who are committed to getting out of poverty. In 2014, the Circles network was asked what is the biggest barrier to getting out of poverty. The answer was unequivocally the Cliff Effect that is built into assistance programs. The Cliff Effect occurs when assistance programs like childcare subsidies and Medicaid remove benefits faster than people can earn enough income to replace them. By not pro-rating the exit ramp to these programs, the government creates a financial crisis for people as they earn more income.

Cliff Effect Resources
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