Discover how God has uniquely gifted YOU to bring His love into the world!

You ARE Called & Gifted

The Called & Gifted Workshop (adapted from the Catherine of Siena Institute) is a special program brought to Sauk Prairie by 6:8 designed to teach how to begin to discover our unique spiritual gifts and differentiate between such gifts and the talents and skills developed over a lifetime. You’ll discover that, through your gifts, you experience joy, rejuvenation, and satisfaction.  Discerning your gifts can change your own life, change the world, and help spread the Gospel! 

 You’ll learn the signs and characteristics of 24 of the most common gifts of the Holy Spirit and take an inventory designed to help you reflect on your life experiences in light of these gifts.  You will learn the tools of discernment that will help you move forward in confirming the specific call and gifts God has given you.

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